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The Clickers have been back in the US for over a year now. We returned in February of 2020 to help a relative with medical issues, just in time to see the spread of Covid force everyone into lockdown.

We have split our time between the Florida Keys and mountains of western North Carolina, with a couple side trips to Virginia and California, enjoying time with our kids & friends.

We have both gotten our Moderna vaccines and are looking foward to getting back out in the world!

Easter Egg Fun sunrise the gals
Easter Egg Fun with Kelsey Sunrise over Florida Bay Skylar, Susie & Kathy
kids and dogs Susie & Chloe Mary, Kathy & Susie
Lucy, Jazz, Hazel & Kelsey Susie & Chloe on a cool eveing in the Smokys Mary, Kathy & Susie

We hope to see all of you sometime during our travels. Check this site and our travel blog at ClickerTreks for latest location and details.

Bil & Susie

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